Dear Vegans,

Who agrees with me that recipes shouldn’t be boring and long? I guess you all do and that’s why I make cooking and learning about new recipes as fun and educating as possible.

Today I’m going to skip all the chit chat I read when I stumbled upon this recipe and go into the main detail.

The Nutty Crusted Butternut Squash Bowl was born out of the zeal to create something new and also tasty. The story behind this is really long and tiresome so I’ll skip that. But the good thing to know is that in the end, it came out very tasty.

It takes you roughly and hour to get this done with, so don’t be in a rush else you’ll ruin it. The Nutty Crusted Butternut Squash Bowl is tested and trusted by me your favorite vegan chef hence you can be rest assured that it’s worth the stress.

You’re going to be preparing four different parts of the meal and these four parts have their own recipe, but don’t be freaked out my friends because the ingredients you need are very easy to purchase.

You’ll need twenty ingredients in total for the nutty crust topping, butternut squash, 10-spice roasted chickpea and the marinated kale.

Trust me you’ll love this when you’re done.

I want to leave a little advice for you guys because I care about you. Here it goes; whenever you’re in the kitchen probably thinking of creating something new, make sure you’re in a good mood and also have a picture and a goal set. Think about what kind of meal you want to create and how you want it to taste before running off to make a mess. And hopefully you’ll get to tell me about the new recipe you created.

That’s that

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