Hello foodies,

Do you want to see what the cat dragged in today? I bet you do.

I’m all about easy meals and that’s why I enjoy preparing appetizers. I’ve always been making emphasis on the beauty of fresh salad recipes. Why? Because they are not only very easy to make but are also very healthy and nutritious.

So today, we’ll be learning about an amazing appetizer recipe called the Torn Olives with Almond, Celery and Parmesan. It’s very tasty, crunchy, crispy and scrumptious. Why I love this particular mix of veggies is because it’s just so fresh and easy to prepare, no cooking required.

The big ingredient behind the amazing taste is the olives, but other ingredients such as; parm rubble, celery, toasted almonds, garlic, vinegar and olive oil heightens the great taste and leaves you wanting more.

I have a few tips for you when preparing the Torn Olives with Almond, Celery and Parmesan;

To speed up the preparation process, use pre-pitted olives and tear them with your hands into smaller pieces.

For the nuts, I’d recommend buying fresh ones and roasting them personally.

Get fresh organic celery at your nearby food store.

It also goes well with hummus, crackers or pita bread.

In fifteen minutes, and with no cooking required your Torn Olives with Almond, Celery and Parmesan should be ready to serve. I just love the ease, all you need to do is add the ingredients together and stir…on and on and on till you’re done. How easy can this get?

Sometimes, it’s not necessary this ii used as an appetizer, feel free to make yourself a bowl whenever you have the craving for it. During my morning workouts I love enjoying healthy bowls of veggies. You should try that too.

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