In N Out Vegan Burger Animal Fries

When you take a look at the name of this particular snack you might not go along with it seeing the “animal fries” but it’s actually not what you think, they are actually your regular fries topped with sauce, processed cheese and caramelized onions. As a vegan myself and a pastry lover this is actually one of the most mouthwatering vegan snacks I’ve eaten. Who says we vegans can’t enjoy a good old burger? Instead of your normal burger where you’d have to eat bacon, try this one out. What I really love about this snack is the sauce, its just so special and its quite similar to the Big Mac sauce combined with other ingredients like processed cheese and caramelized onions, the whole mix just gives you a great feeling. Of course, it’s a snack so preparing it shouldn’t take long, all the time you need to make this baby is just 20 minutes and BOOM! You’re good to go. Do you know that the In N Out Burger Animal Fries is a cult fav fast food? Yeah, that makes it something you would wanna try some time. When preparing this delicacy, truth be told it actually felt a lot less than 20 minutes I feel this is because the process is just so easy. This might sound funny but if you’re a lazy cook like me and you just wanna enjoy a quick snack on a Saturday morning or any other day then I really suggest you try this out. It’s also good for little gatherings, in fact non-vegans might actually get to change their mind about their food preference. I guess you’ll be nodding your head and picturing this awesome meal, to know the ingredients you need and how to prepare this baby click the link below to get all the details you need.

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Vegan Burger - In N Out Vegan Burger Animal Fries