Hi Vegans! I’m so happy to share with you another great drink that’s just so perfect for the season it makes me giggle with joy. I trust you’ve been enjoying the various delicious recipes I’ve been sharing with you and I’m happy I’ve been able to put smiles on your faces.

Well, winter is here again and we all want to be warm and cozy I understand this and that’s the reason I’ve decided to drop this particular recipe, the Gingerbread Hot Chocolate.

It’s all about eating healthy, but it’s also all about feeling good after each meal. I’m literally smiling to myself as I’m typing this and that’s because after trying this out, I’m so excited to share it with you guys.

I bring to you the best winter drink this season, the Gingerbread Hot Chocolate which is topping my list of favorite drinks this year.

Did I ever mention my love for chocolate? Well I guess I’ll be making a little emphasis on that because this Gingerbread Hot Chocolate is simply amazing. It keeps you warm and really works magic on my mood during those really cold mornings.

The secret ingredient to this recipe is two special things; the cacao powder and the gingerbread. These two ingredients though very nutritious are what gives this hot choco it’s unique taste. Then we also have our cashew milk or soy milk, whichever you prefer they both add the right creaminess to the Gingerbread Hot Chocolate.

Yes, I know you’d think about calories and watching your weight, but pause and take a break. The Gingerbread Hot Chocolate is completely natural with no artificial flavors or sorts. It’s healthy, it’s chocolate and it’s HOT!

As usual, I’ll drop the link to this recipe before I run off. But before that, one health benefit of the Gingerbread Hot Chocolate is helps prevent inflammation in the body.

That’s it for today, click the link below and be sure to thank me later.

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