Winter is here again my dear vegans, and we must eat too. Do you want to find out what’s best for your diet this season? Well, stick around because I’ll be dropping some amazing recipes for you to try and enjoy.

During the winter there are two things I love doing when I’m home, one of them is being all covered up and cozy in bed and the other is enjoying a hot bowl of lentil soup while watching my favorite tv show of course. So, this Christmas I felt like trying something different and adding a little spice to my lentil soup, and guess what I stumbled upon…

The perfect mix ever! Come take a look at the amazing Roasted Red Kuri Squash and Lentil Soup, damn! It’s been awhile I’ve had something this tasty. If you remember my cashew tahini bar recipe then you’d definitely remember the effect of TAHINI in those bars, well the good news is there’s gonna be some tahini here too.

Let’s take a little dive in, the Roasted Red Kuri Squash and Lentil Soup is not just your regular lentil soup but with the roasted Red Kuri Squash, garlic, carrot, celery and lots more it gives the combo a whole new dimension of pure natural sweetness. The added almond milk gives it a creamier taste, not to talk of the lentil’s soup richness in fiber and protein. There are only two words to describe this dish. Simply delicious!

The ingredients that make up this nutritious dish are; red kuri squash, celery root, carrot, sesame oil, sea salt, black pepper and garlic. These are for the squash, while the ingredients for the lentil soup are; yellow onion, fresh thyme, red lentils, sesame oil, unsweetened almond milk, tahini, and lots more.

 If you’re still reading then I guess you’re already salivating…lol Well, if you want to have a taste of this mouthwatering dish please click the link below to see the full recipe. Enjoy!

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red kuri squash lentil and tahini soup - ROASTED RED KURI SQUASH AND LENTIL SOUP