What goes next after you’ve finished a plate of delicious vegan meal? A great and tasty dessert should also follow and since I’m hell bent on providing you with the best vegan recipes, I’ll be sharing with you today a really nice vegan dessert.

If you haven’t had a bite of the No-Bake Cashew Tahini Bars then I honestly don’t know what you’ve been having for dessert after each meal but what I know is you’re missing out of these amazing bars.

Whether you want to try this out as a dessert or snack, it’s all good and also very easy to prepare. Okay, let me spill the beans on why I love this particular dessert…it’s simply because I’m a huge fan of chocolates. If you’re also a chocolate lover like me then you should definitely try this out.

It just takes you 10 minutes to create this masterpiece, and all you need are five ingredients and a few kitchen utensils. Once you have a food processor, knife, bowl, parchment paper, baking pan and measuring cups you’re good to go.

You’ll need a few ingredients like tahini, raw cashew (unprocessed ones to be precise), dates, dairy-free chocolate and sea salt (optional) and you’re all set and ready to start making the No-Bake Cashew Tahini Bars.

You the unique this about this dessert apart from its wonderful taste I’d say it’s the texture, the soft and mouthwatering feel of it is something I really enjoy. The No-Bake Cashew Tahini Bars can go with literally any vegan meal making a perfect blend.

Enough of the long chit chat, it’s time for you to try this out. To get the full recipe of the No-Bake Cashew Tahini Bar, click the link below.

Don’t forget to thank me later. Enjoy

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