Dear vegans, your favorite food blogger is here again with yet another tasty and indeed vegan recipe.

We aren’t traveling to any special continents this time but instead I’m bringing back a recipe that has been here for ages so much that it has become too common.

I’m talking about some good old mac and cheese, only this time it’s being prepared in the vegan style just the way me and you get to enjoy it.

It’s funny how we get carried away by so many great recipes that we forget our own traditional mac and cheese. With the addition of broccoli and a few other ingredients, the Vegan Mac and Cheese is both yummy and healthy.

Ever heard of nutritional yeast? Well, if your answer is no then I urge you to go ahead and try some. You might be surprised how great it comes out.

The Vegan Mac and Cheese is quite easy to prepare as it requires roughly fifteen ingredients which are very easy to come by in your nearby store. And with just 40 minutes of your time, it’s ready and the feast begins.

I always have you guys in my utmost concern that’s why this recipe is dairy free, so those cheese lovers who have allergies can also have a taste of this amazing dish.

After series of tests, I’ve given the Vegan Mac and Cheese my official stamp of good quality and great taste. Don’t ask to see the stamp, my word is an authority…lol

The Vegan Mac and Cheese is a perfect meal for dinner because its incredibly creamy. But don’t get me wrong cook this up for special dinner date. Speaking about dates…I’ll be writing a few vegan recipes that are perfect for dates.

In the meantime, click the link and enjoy

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