Ever seen the movie Narcos? It’s a really great movie and if you’ve watched it I bet you’d agree with me… But that’s not why we’re here now is it?

Lol, no it’s not but there’s no crime in enjoying some vegan nachos while watching narcos…don’t mind me you can enjoy it with any movie of your choice. I know I play too much, I guess I’m really excited today.

Do you know what I do when I try out a new recipe and it taste great?

I bet you’re thinking I just come here and drop it for you guys, but no you’re wrong about that. The first thing I do of course is enjoy this great new recipe alone and savor the taste. Sounds selfish right…lol I know.

But I’m not a bad friend, I invite my friends over and surprise them with this new discovery over a good piece of game. Why do I do this? It’s simple, you don’t fully know how good a meal is until other taste it and leave their remarks.

What am I saying in essence? I’m saying that whatever I bring to you is already tested and trusted by me and my friends.

The Vegan Nachos is no exception to this habit of mine and yes, my friends loved it and I hope you do too. It’s quite easy to make and also tasty. I won’t go into much details today, instead I’ll let you discover for yourself how good the Vegan Nachos tastes.

It’s easy to cook but it also takes a little bit more time, usually and hour and a few minutes but it’s sure darn worth all the stress.

Go my dear vegan friends and prepare this unique dish. Get the full recipe via the link below.

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