We’re just a week away from Christmas and look what the cat dragged out…

Yes, it’s the season of love and sharing and gifts and food… it’s also the celebration of the birth month of Jesus according to Christians. But wait a moment…

What do you think Jesus would be having for lunch if He were in Israel right now?

Wanna find out? Then journey with me to the middle east, Israel to be precise and see what He’d likely be having…lol

I bring to you the Vegan Sabich Sandwich. An Israeli traditional sandwich that really delicious and filling. Are you a vegan? And are you into sandwiches? If your answers are yes, then you need to add this to your sandwich cook book and spice things up a bit.

The Vegan Sabich Sandwich is our first intercontinental vegan recipe. Hurray! I discovered this while day dreaming about the last tasty sandwich I had. You guys know I always have your back when it comes to good food and here’s another one.

So what’s in this special sandwich? There’s quite a handful of ingredients packed up in this juicy sandwich which are; tahini sauce, hummus, pita bread, dill pickles, harissa paste, white beans, young eggplant and… you’ll see the rest when you click the link later on.

Mind you, there’s been a slight change in the Vegan Sabich Sandwich, with a little swap of egg for white beans and cabbage for tabbouleh. That doesn’t change the great taste, it’s a little creativity on the hands on the chef.

I know I’ve said enough and all you can think of is when can I try this out. If you are worried about the ingredients, don’t be because they aren’t from space and are easy to get.

Now you know what Jesus would be eating, go ahead and have some of yours too!

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