I keep reminding you guys that’s it’s Christmas and the festive seasons are here again. Forgive me for this habit, it’s just I can’t bottle up the excitement I feel. Hope you’ve been enjoying my previous list of Christmas specials.

Do you remember that my Hot Gingerbread Chocolate drink? If you’ve tasted it then I’m sure you’ll definitely love the Vegan Eggnog more. Sometimes deciding on the best drink for the season can be really difficult because there’s just so much to try.

It’s the season, and expect only the best recipes from me to you this Christmas as I’ve just been digging up new and amazing recipes for you. And today, here’s what the dog found….

The Vegan Eggnog is something else, it’s too much goodness in one cup. Homemade from pure natural ingredients to give you the best taste and vital nutrients.

The Vegan Eggnog is easy to prepare, sweet, creamy, frothy and just perfect for the season. I can’t truly describe how good it is but it sure does rival the Hot Gingerbread Chocolate drink. This is a drink for the whole family to enjoy.

For adults, I’m glad to give you this amazing tip; the Vegan Eggnog can be enjoyed with a little amount of alcohol to heighten the good feeling. Though you shouldn’t add any alcohol if you have kids around but if not then make yourself comfortable. It can also be enjoyed either hot or cold, that’s left to you to decide.

Did I enjoy this? Yes. Will I be making the Vegan Eggnog again? Yes, a lot. Do I want you to try this out? Definitely!!!

Enjoy the Vegan Eggnog while in bed all smuggled up and cozy with your favorite person this Christmas. For the full recipe and instructions, click the link below.

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xmas eggnog - VEGAN EGGNOG