Dear vegans,

It’s Christmas, what are your plans for this year’s Christmas baking and dishes? You’re probably mumbling the dishes and pastries you have in mind or you don’t really have any plans yet. well, whichever the case, I’m here again to give you the right recipe for the season.

Apart, from the cool places I get to go to and the awesome gifts I get to share and unwrap, one thing I sure love about Christmas is the FOOD! Yes, I’m a foodie and a proud one too, and I’ve also got pretty cool plans this Christmas for me and my family.

Want to see a few of my special recipes? I see you’re nodding your head but I’ll keep them a secret till my next post. So, what do we have here for today?

This is specially chosen for the kids, though everyone can still enjoy it. It’s the Christmas Vegan Sugar Cookie, a true Christmas special indeed. Drop your routine Christmas dishes and try out this wonderful sweet and crisp sugar cookie.

Okay, here’s why I really like the Christmas Vegan Sugar Cookie, because I get to cut these cookies into any Christmas shape I want like the Christmas tree and Santa’s hat. If you have kids around then get ready to be their favorite mom or dad cause they’re really going to love it and want more.

After baking this comes my favorite part of the whole process, add a little spice and color to the Christmas Vegan Sugar Cookie by designing the body with a little melted chocolate or yoghurt or whatever creamy stuff you have and BOOM! You’ve hit the jackpot with this.

Spice up your Christmas with these lovely homemade cookies, and you can always take them to small get together, you can also prepare this if you’re having little kids party this Christmas.

Click the link and enjoy!


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Vegan Christmas Sugar Cookies 1 - CHRISTMAS VEGAN SUGAR COOKIE