Hi Vegans,

Raise your hand if you don’t just love a perfect slice of French toast in the morning together with a nice cup of freshly brewed hot coffee. I bet there isn’t a single hand up.

Well, I’m here again with another amazing breakfast recipe just for you and you alone. Trust me you really need to try this out.

The Vegan Banana French Toast is a whole new dimension of French toast, it’s naturally sweet and yummy thanks to a few special ingredients. Why not spice up your style of making French toasts and try out the Vegan Banana French Toast.

My favorite recipes are usually the ones that are both easy to prepare and also tasty and the Vegan Banana French Toast is not an exception.

Oh yes! Before I forget, you should use rustic or stale bread to avoid a soggy slice. This special delicacy is dipped in caramelized banana and non-dairy milk to give you all the sweetness you need. That’s not all, after cooking the toasts a topping of sliced banana, coconut sugar, maple and seasonal fruit is served on top of the French toast to make it more delicious.

I must also mention that when preparing the Vegan Banana French Toast much attention much be given to whichever bread you’ll be using for the toast, because I tried a whole lot of loaves both the ones over the counter and at the nearby bakery store. I noticed that not all type of bread goes well with the caramelized banana and non-dairy milk batter dip. If you can’t get rustic or stale bread then before you go ahead and make a mess of yourself in the kitchen, I’d advise you to try out a slice first to see how well it goes.

Apart from that, the Vegan Banana French Toast is a breakfast favorite for me and you should try it too by clicking the link below.

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