Hello friends,

I think I’m becoming more of a vegan recipe traveler and I must say it’s really been an interesting journey so far. We’ve been to Israel and Asia, but today I want you to buckle up and sit tight as we take a ride to Europe, Sweden to be much precise.

Remember how our carnivorous friends make fun of us for not being able to enjoy foods like meat. Well, back when I just newly became a vegan I used to get pissed and crave for some meat. It wasn’t really easy during those times especially if you’re someone who loves food like meatballs.

I have great news for you guys, I just found an alternative to meatballs…which also has meatball in its name but different content.

I bring to you the Vegan Swedish Meatballs…and I’m nodding my head as I’m writing this because I know how good it is, in fact it’s simply the best.

This recipe was specifically chosen for those who love quick dinners that can be cooked in twenty minutes or less. Yes, it’s my kind of lazy night dish that has become quite a habit on those really stressful days.

What could go well with the Vegan Swedish Meatballs? It’s honestly up to you. If you are really tired after a hard day at work then just eat that creamy bowl alone. But if you have the time and energy, then noodles or vegan mashed potatoes would work just fine. Whatever you choose, as far as it works for you, that’s fine.

All you need is roughly twenty ingredients for the meatballs and the sauce. And in 25 minutes max you should be done and out of the kitchen.

Hope you enjoy eating this meal, till we meet again next time.

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