Hi guys,

It’s been a long run and I’m glad to announce to you that this will be one of my best recipe post of the year. I’m delighted cause I enjoy cooking and discovering new vegan recipes every day. But what I enjoy most is sharing them with you.

Last year was a good year for me, lots of goals were set and lots were achieved too. I hope this year goes well for you. For as many people that I’ve been able to touch with my recipes, I want you to know it’s my dearest pleasure. And to those that learnt new things, you’re welcome.

Telling you guys about my favorite vegan recipe has become my hobby and something I look forward to. Rest assured, I will continue to provide you with only the best foods I can find.

This was supposed to be my parting gift to you guys my fellow foodies, but I think it’s going to be an early gift instead, I bring you the Loaded Veggie Nachos. It’s delicious and filling, in fact I think it can appear a little too colorful.

We had a few amazing trips but we are ending our little escapade in Mexico. The Loaded Veggie Nachos is a traditional Mexican vegan recipe and it’s rich in protein and fiber which helps tissue repair and digestion.

I’ve always been a fan of easy and quick to prepare meals and the Loaded Veggie Nachos is no different. All you need are twelve ingredients which you will get to see in the full recipe and 25 minutes of your time. This includes both preparation and cooking time.

Before I round up with the link to this amazing Mexican dish, I want to thank everyone who took their time to visit the food blog regularly, those who took their time to actually prepare these recipes and also share with friends.

You are all amazing, make sure you click the link to the year’s special recipe.

Enjoy not only the taste, but the beauty of the loaded veggie nachos.

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loaded veggie nachos with salsa 550x824 - LOADED VEGGIE NACHOS